Why I love Self portraits?

Hey guys,Welcome back to my blog.I hope you all are doing great and today’s post is going to be very interesting and as I promised the second post of this week is here!
So let’s get started!

We are going to talk about self portraits.I love to take self portraits.If you’ll visit my Instagram then you’ll come to know how much I love self portraits!
I love it because it’s easy,doesn’t take much time to get a perfect shot,you don’t need to beg anyone to shoot for you etc.
If you have friends who are always ready to help you then you are damn lucky.

So I’ll be sharing my self portraits in this blogpost.I usually don’t go out to shoot because there is no one to click photos for me,then one fine day I came to know about self portraits and from that day I didn’t beg to anyone to shoot for me but I’ll definitely do shoots in the coming months as my brother will be coming back to India soon for two months and I guess he’ll shoot for me.

So here are the self portraits:

Backdrop:My mommy's dup…

How I plan my day a night before.

Hello Everyone,Welcome to my Blog!
Today I’m going to share how I plan my day a night before,so let’s get started.I recently started planning my days because usually my days are not that interesting but sometimes I do make them interesting by doing some amazing things which I love to do and I thought I should share this with you'll!

1.To do list
So I use my bullet journal to plan my day. I write down the things which I’ve to do on that particular day.I’ll tick mark in the box once I’m done with all the to do's.This makes me to be organized everyday.

2.Priorities for the day
I write down the most important things to do for eg. homework, assignment or some bank work etc. I do this things first and then I do the other things.So my top 3 priorities for the day were Pay my college fees,Post a picture on Instagram and post a Blogpost!

3.Time Management
I write all the timings from 8:00 am 22:00 pm (as shown in the picture) and at what time I’ll do what that I'll write over there.S…

How I convert My Lazy Morning into Productive Morning

Hello Guys,Welcome to my Blog and I hope you all are doing great!

So,to be very honest,I’m a complete lazy person but some times I have to be productive to get all my work done in one day and guess what today I’m going to share some tips to be productive every morning.

1.Wake up Early.
Waking up early is the best thing to do.Put as many alarms you want and get out of the bed as soon as possible.

2.Don’t use any technological gadgets.
After getting out of the bed, please don’t check your phone, don’t watch TV or any Web series.

Exercise is must for everyone.It helps us to be fit and fine.It will help us to be productive.

4.Drink Water.
Please drink at least 2 glasses of water daily in the morning and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.Water helps to keep our body hydrated.

5.Drink Tea or Coffee.
Drink a cup of tea or coffee.I usually prefer tea because I love to drink Tea in the morning.It helps me in refreshing my mind every morning.

Must have online clothing apps with honest reviews.

Hello Guys,I hope everyone is doing good.
So today I am going to share must have online clothing apps with honest reviews which I personally recommend. So without further ado let's get started.

It is the most amazing clothing app I’ve ever seen.It has such pretty collection.The prices are little expensive but it’s totally worth it. The quality is amazing but the shipping price will be around Rs.150.

It is the best app for denims and sets.The price is totally worth it. The quality is also good. They also have amazing collection of footwear.

It is the most famous app.Everyone knows Amazon.It has the best kurti collections and the price is very affordable.The quality of the clothes in amazon is too good.

It is also the best app for Kurtis and ethnic wear.The price is affordable,not too much expensive and not too much cheaper.But before buying any product make sure to read the reviews.

It’s same as shein but the prices in this app are cheaper than …

Best Colleges for Arts,Science And Commerce in Mumbai.

Hello Everyone,I hope you all are doing great!
Many of you are giving your 10th Board Examinations now and might thinking that which college is better for which stream.So here I am with this post and I hope this post might help you'll in searching the best colleges in Mumbai.(I know the best colleges only of Mumbai city because I stay in Mumbai and that's why I shared it with you'll!🤗)

Best colleges for Arts:

1.St.Xaviers College,Fort.
2.Mithibai College,Vile Parle.
3.K.J. Somaiya,Vidyavihar.
4.Ramnaria Ruia College,Matunga.
5.Sophia College for Women.
6.Kishinchand Chelaram College,Churchgate.

Best Colleges for Science:

1.D.G.Ruparel,Matunga West.
2.Ramnarian Ruia College,Matunga.
3.St.Xaviers College,Fort.
4.Jai Hind,Churchgate.
5.Sathaye College,Vile Parle.
6. SIES College,Sion West.

Best Colleges for Commerce:

1.K.J. Somaiya College,Vidyavihar.
2.R.A. Podar,Matunga.
3.Narsee Monjee College,Vile Parle.
4.K.P.B. Hinduja College of Commerce,Charni Road.
5. Hassaram Rijhuma…

Monthly Favourites-February

Hello Everyone,Welcome to my blog.
Now-a-days this Monthly Favourites thing is trending so I thought I'll also write some of my favourite things.
So let's get started!
•My Favourite cafe is Markivs which is in Colaba,Mumbai.
•My Favourite picture is this:

•My Favourite Product is Ponds BB cream.It’s my all time favourite.
•My Favourite Movie is Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani(Bollywood) and The fault in our stars(Hollywood).
•My Favourite song is Love yourself by Justin Bieber.
•My Favourite Blogger is HerVagabondLife.
•My Favourite Youtuber is Sejal Kumar and Dhwani Bhatt.
•My Favourite Book is Cracking The Code: My Journey to Bollywood and The fault in our Stars.
•My Favourite DIY is DIY Coffee Face Scrub.I’m loving this DIY a lot.
•My Favourite App is mostly Instagram but now I’m obsessed with Pinterest.
•My Favourite Day of February is 8th February.Ganesh Janma(Ganesha's Birthday) was there on 8th February and we celebrate this occasion every year grandly.It’s like a festival to us.

20 Facts About Me❤️

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome to my blog.This post is really interesting and I hope you all will enjoy reading some facts about me,so let's get started!
1.I’m a South Indian. 2.I’m born and bought up in Mumbai,India. 3.I don’t like to eat non-veg food. 4. I hate watching TV, I  just watch YouTube videos and sometimes I watch movies that too in theatres or on my phone. 5.I have one sibling who is in Russia now. 6.I hate waking up early in the morning. 7.I laugh a lot,even in serious situations😂 8.I had 3 serious injuries till now. 9.I have very few friends. 10.Tea over Coffee. 11.My favourite colour is Black.I’m obsessed with black colour. 12.I prefer even numbers over odd numbers when it comes to numbering.(I don’t know why?😂) 13.My inspiration is HerVagabondLife❤️ 14.I used to play games like GTA Vice city,candy crush when I was in school but now I don’t like to play any games. 15.I can speak four languages(Marathi,Hindi,English and Telugu) 16.I've not been outside the country …